Check In

Cairns Airport offers spacious check-in halls in both T1 (International) and T2 (Domestic).
Airlines may offer regular check-in, premium check-in, bag drop or kiosks for self serve check-in.

Read all the available information provided to you by your airline. This information will advise you of the allowable size of checked and cabin luggage, what items can be carried within your checked luggage, dangerous goods and other information that will help make your departure as easy as possible. Cabin luggage size gauges are available within the check in areas at both Cairns Airport terminals. During check in you will be asked questions about your baggage contents and at the International check in whether you packed your bags yourself and had control of them since then. If in doubt that is the time to advise the airline if you are not sure.

If you are departing from T1 (International Terminal) for overseas ensure you have the appropriate travel documents ready for airline staff e.g. tickets, passport and visas.

You will also be required to ensure any Liquid, Aerosol or Gel items carried by you are correctly separated, see our security page for further information.

Once you have completed check in we recommend you make your way directly to the Security Screening Point to avoid any delays. You will find Flight Information Display Screens inside the Departure Lounges to advise you of the status of your flight. If the flight is not yet ready to board there is no need to queue at the gate, you can simply relax, enjoy some refreshments or browse the range of specialty stores on offer.