Answers to frequently asked questions about the services and facilities provided by Cairns Airport.

Car Park

What are the opening hours for the car park?
You can access the car park twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

What are the car park options available?
Click here for all the information on the convenient and affordable range of parking options available at Cairns Airport.

Can I pay for car parking by credit card?
Yes, swipe your credit card at the entry and exit points. You can obtain a receipt at the exit point.

Can I pay for car parking online?
Yes, simply visit our Cairns Airport Parking page to get a quote & start the booking process.

Is disabled parking available?
Yes, there are several parking bays designated for use by people with a disability available within the car parks, a close to the terminal as possible. Vehicles must display a registered disabled parking sticker to use these bays. There are also designated areas for dropping off and picking up people with a disability in front of each terminal and the driver is permitted to leave the vehicle and escort the passenger into the check-in area provided they return immediately to their vehicle.

Online Booking FAQ’s
For frequently asked questions about online car parking bookings, please click here

Transport to and from Cairns Airport

Is there public transport available to and from Cairns Airport?
Click below for information about the available transport to and from Cairns Airport.

Airlines Servicing Cairns Airport

Which airlines fly to Cairns?
Cairns is serviced by many domestic and international airlines. Click here for the full list of airlines providing regular public transport flights between Cairns and other airports. You can visit our Destination Finder to explore locations directly connected to Cairns.

Departing Passengers

When do I have to be at check in?
Most domestic airlines require you at the check in counter at least 45 – 60 minutes before departure. International airlines require passengers to check in at least 2 hours prior to departure. Please check with your airline on their specific requirements to avoid missing your flight.

What type of liquids can I take on the airplane?
Screening for liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) on international flights was introduced in March 2007 by the Australian Federal Government. Knowing what’s allowed and what’s not allowed before you arrive could save you, and other passengers, time and inconvenience. Any LAG item you wish to take into the lounge or within the cabin of an aircraft must be in an adequate container; however containers cannot be over 100ml. There is more information available in the Departing Passengers section of this website.

Luggage & Lost Property

Is there luggage storage available at Cairns Airport?
Luggage Storage is available at both terminals. Click here for more information or contact Cairns Airport Parking on park@cairnsairport.com.au for assistance with your storage needs.

Who do I contact about Lost Property?
If your property was lost on an aircraft please contact the airline directly. Click here for a list of airline contact numbers. If your property was lost at Cairns Airport please contact our Terminals team at lostproperty@cairnsairport.com.au or click here for more information.

Transferring Between Terminals

T1 (International) and T2 (Domestic) are connected by a covered walkway. Follow the Blue line from T1 Arrivals to T2 Departures. Follow the Green line from T2 Arrivals to T1 Departures.