CAPL Business Park V2
The Cairns Airport Business Park is located on the eastern side of the airport in a prime commercial location visible to all traffic entering and exiting the Airport Terminal Business Zone.

The Airport Business Park concept was formed in 2000 for the designated purpose of developing this highly visible site. Since, initial commencement of the development in 2005, 100 % of the Airport Business Park subdivision has been leased (Stages 1,2 and 3). The developments include car rental company operations, inflight catering facilities and office accommodation for government regulatory departments. Cairns Airport is just seven (7) kilometres from Cairns Central Business District and offers a 24/7 commercial curfew-free operation, approved with B-double truck access.   The final stage (Stage 4) of the Airport Business Park is scheduled to be completed in FY19.

This prime location provides close proximity to the Domestic, International Terminals and Freight Facilities. The vacant sites are fully serviced to the boundary. The site sizes vary, with flexibility available to amalgamate contiguous sites if required. The final site areas will be subject to survey. The Airport Business Park is suitable for all commercial aviation and non-aviation related development. With approximately 19,000m² of land available the Airport Business Park offers potential developers high profile development opportunities for their business needs. 

For further information regarding leasing opportunities within the Airport Business Park, please contact:

Linda Grainger 

0419 743 870