Transiting passengers

Australian government regulations require airlines to disembark all passengers and their cabin luggage at the first port of call into Australia. If you are transiting Cairns from overseas you will be required to undergo the regular passenger screening process, including potential random selection for body scanning, prior to entering the transit lounge. This process is similar to that experienced at your port of departure.

Passenger screening into the transit lounge includes screening for Liquids Aerosols and Gel (LAG) items. Duty Free or other LAG items purchased at the last port of call prior to entering Cairns as a transit port will be required to be surrendered if they are larger than the prescribed 100ml limit or are not in a clear re-sealable plastic bag measuring 200mm X 200mm. Due to regulatory changes in late 2012, Duty Free items must be presented in a clear, sealed, tamper evident bags along with the receipt provided by the Duty Free outlet as proof of purchase.

If you are transiting Cairns from another major airport in Australia for an overseas destination and you have already undergone the regular passenger screening process you will not be required to undergo additional screening in Cairns.

Transferring Between Terminals
T1 (International) and T2 (Domestic) are connected by a covered walkway. Follow the Blue line from T1 Arrivals to T2 Departures. Follow the Green line from T2 Arrivals to T1 Departures. Transfer time approx 5-7 minutes.