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Mr Always A Closer Spot

MTP Mr Closer Spot 650pxMr “There’s Always A Closer Spot” – we all know one. Maybe you are one. Will never take the first spot they see. “There’s going to be a closer spot” This is their catch cry. Responsible for more passenger anguish and divorce than any other parker.

The Perfect Parker

MTP Perfect Parker 650px

The “Perfect” Parker – everything must be just right. Must be exactly in the middle of a park. Just the right distance – front, back & sides. Will get out of the car to check. Get back in and keep reversing in and out until perfect.

The Parking Fairy

MTP Parking Fairy preview 650px

I See Parking Fairies – Seems to always get the park right where they need it. Perfect position, every time. It’s like they can call upon their very own “Parking Fairy” whenever they need it, then their park will just magically appear. We all need a Parking Fairy, only a special few have the power to summon the Fairy.