ID & Access Centre

The ID and Access Office is responsible for the issue of Aviation Security Identification Card (ASICs), access control cards and privileges, Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) applications as well as Visitor passes.

An ASIC is an identification card which is used to identify a person who has been the subject of a background check which enables them to be permitted into secure areas of the airport without supervision. All persons at the airport requiring unescorted access to security sensitive areas are required, under government regulations to have a valid ASIC as well as an operational need. The ASIC process aims to reduce the risk of unauthorised access within the Airport precinct.

All identification cards and access control permissions are subject to the terms and conditions of issue by Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 and the Issuing Body. Persons requiring an ASIC and lawful access should complete appropriate application forms and submit the forms to Cairns Airport ID and Access Office. Applicants must undertake and pass the Security Awareness Training conducted prior to issuing the ASIC.


ID & Access Centre Quick Guide


Tom McDonald Building                 (Formerly Airport Operations Centre)
3-5 minutes to T2 | 3-5 minutes to T1
Tom McDonald Building
wallet-75 Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard & Amex
clock-75 Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 15:30       Except Wednesday: 08:30 – 12:00
phone1-75 Tel: +61 7 4080 6731 / 6742               Fax: +61 7 4080 6704


Fees & Charges

New ASIC $225 + $50 refundable security deposit
ASIC Renewals $225
ASIC Transfers $75
Reprints $75
Access Card $25
ADA Cat 1 A/B/C $50
ADA Cat 2 $60
ADA Cat 3 A/B $70
ADA Cat 4 $70
Reprint ADA $30
ADA Change $30
AUA Sticker $30



Applying for a new ASIC

You will need to come into the ID & Access Office personally, bringing your completed application form, ID and lodgement fee. Be prepared to have your photo taken for your ASIC.

In order to ensure your application is processed quickly it is important that you fully complete the address details on the ASIC application. You are required to declare a full 10 years worth of addresses. NOTE: Day/Month/Year must be included.

Please check with your employer regarding payment prior to attending the Cairns Airport ID & Access Office. The Lodgement fee ($225.00) must be paid at initial visit if your company does not already have an account with Cairns Airport. The $50 deposit can be paid at the initial visit or on collection of ASIC.

What happens next?

Your application may take up to 4-6 weeks. AusCheck will contact you directly if there are any specific security queries; otherwise you will be contacted by the Cairns Airport ID & Access Office directly to collect your ASIC.

It is a legislative requirement that BEFORE you collect your ASIC you MUST complete an airport security awareness training session. When you lodge your application the Cairns Airport ID & Access Office will book you onto the next available Security Awareness Training session conducted by Cairns Airport Pty Ltd.

You MUST collect your ASIC personally.

ASIC Renewals

Renewing your current ASIC

If you currently hold an ASIC issued by Cairns Airport and wish to renew, you are required to complete the ASIC Renewal Form.  You will need to bring in this complete form along with your ID and payment and lodge at the Cairns Airport ID & Access Office.

NOTE: ASIC renewals must be lodged 4 – 6 weeks prior to your ASIC expiry

If you are a holder of an ASIC issued by another Issuing Body and want to obtain a Cairns Airport ASIC you will be required to apply for a ASIC by completing the ASIC Application form.

Returning your ASIC

If there is no operational requirement for you to retain your ASIC it must be returned to the Cairns Airport Cairns Airport ID & Access Office within 30 days.  On return of your ASIC your security deposit will be refunded.

When your ASIC expires it must be returned to the Cairns Airport ID & Access Office or penalties may apply.


If your ASIC is Lost /Stolen or Destroyed you will need to inform the Cairns Airport ID & Access office within 7 days and complete a Statutory Declaration.  Please contact the office for the paperwork.

Airport Customer Experience (ACE) Training

Airport Customer Experience (ACE) Training

With today’s passengers having more choice than ever before in terms of where to fly from and who to fly with, providing great customer service has never been more important.

The Airport Customer Experience, or ACE Program has been designed as a collaborative one team approach, to create and deliver a unique and exceptional customer experience.

To ensure our Customer Service Culture is embraced across our airport all applicants for new and renewed ASICs will undertake an online training program.

The training course can be accessed in the following link


Visitor Identification Cards (VICS)

Any person that does not have a valid red/grey ASIC and has an operational reason to access the Security Controlled Area must obtain a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) and be escorted by the holder of a valid red/grey ASIC at ALL times.

Should you require a VIC, there are 3 areas where VICs can be obtained throughout the Airport:

  • Tom McDonald Building (TMB) – Cairns Airport ID & Access Office;
  • V23
  • Duty Manager’s Office – Domestic T2

 Please remember that all visitors must be escorted at ALL times by a person with a valid ASIC.

Returning your VIC

A Visitor pass must be returned to the Cairns Airport ID & Access Office when it expires or it is no longer required. If you fail to return your Visitor Pass penalties may apply and this will affect your ASIC application and further access.


If your VIC is Lost /Stolen or Destroyed you will need to inform the Cairns Airport ID & Access office within 7 days and complete a Statutory Declaration.  Please contact the office for the paperwork.

Application for CAPL Access

Application for Cairns Airport Pty Ltd (CAPL) Access


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