ID & Access Office

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The ID and Access Office is no longer accepting cash. Payments or refunds will be made by card only. 

If you're seeking a Visitor Pass, please visit Vehicle Access Gate V23, located outside on the eastern end of the T1 International Terminal (see here). Access requests for existing card holders can be made by emailing:

Please complete the ASIC Application Form electronically and bring a printed copy of the form to your appointment. ASIC Application and Renewal Forms can be found below.

New appointments can be made by emailing:

The ID & Access Office is responsible for the issue of Aviation Security Identification Card (ASICs), access control cards and privileges, Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) applications and Visitor Identification Cards.

All persons at the airport requiring unescorted access to security sensitive areas are required, under government regulations to have a valid ASIC as well as an operational need. Persons requiring an ASIC and lawful access should complete appropriate application forms and submit the forms to Cairns Airport ID & Access Office. Applicants must undertake and pass Security Awareness Training prior to receiving their ASIC.

All identification cards and access control permissions are subject to the terms and conditions of issue by Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 and the Issuing Body. Afternoon appointments can be made in extenuating circumstances for ASIC / ADA and Access applicants. Appointments must be made by the approved authorised signatory.

Click here for more information about obtaining an Authority to Drive Airside and/or Authority to Use Airside.   


 icon map Airport Administration Centre
Level 2 – opposite Terminal 1.  This office can only be accessed via the lift from the ground level.
 Passenger Statistics Image2 3-5 minutes to T2 (Domestic Terminal) | 1-2 minutes to T1 (International Terminal)
 icon docs EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard & Amex
 icon info Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 08:30 – 13:00. Afternoon appointments available upon request.
 clock Tel: (07) 4080 6731 / 6742  Fax: (07) 4080 6704


Fees & Charges

New ASIC $240 + $50 refundable security deposit
ASIC Renewals $240
ASIC Transfers $75
Reprints $75
ADA Cat 1 A/B/C $50
ADA Cat 2 $60
ADA Cat 3 A/B $70
ADA Cat 4 $70
Reprint ADA $30
ADA Change $30
AUA Sticker $30
CAPL Issued ASIC Access Card $25
3rd Party Issued ASIC Access Card $45


New identity verification requirements for ASIC applicants

From 01 August 2017:

  • You must present to your issuing body in-person with ORIGINAL identity documents
  • You must meet new types of identity document requirements
  • Your non-English identity documents must be professionally translated

For further information click here. 


Training Requirements for ASIC Applicants:

Security Awareness Training (SAT) and Airport Customer Experience (ACE) courses must be completed prior to the collection of your ASIC. Please email and request your unique link to the training platform.


Please complete the ASIC Application form electronically and bring a printed version of the completed form to your appointment.