Who's On Location & Contractor Induction

Due to increases in safety and security on site, all contracting companies that conduct works at Cairns Airport must now be registered on our Contractor Management system, Who’s On Location. This system contributes to our safety management by enabling the airport to:

  • Identify how many contractors are conducting works on site at any time
  • Ensure all safety requirements such as inductions & PERCOWs have been completed
  • Confirm that all company insurances are current

If you need to get your company registered, please email: infrastructure-admin@cairnsairport.com.au

Once registered, each company will be required to log onto the Who’s On Location Service Portal and provide names and email addresses of all contractors that will be conducting works at Cairns Airport, along with your relevant insurance details.

Each team member will then be sent a link to download the app onto their mobile phone. This will enable them to automatically sign in and sign out as they enter and exit past the geo-fence surrounding the Airport.

The Contractor Induction will be emailed to each team member. The induction provides information relating to the following:

  • Common hazards and risks associated with working on airport
  • Rules and regulations to ensure safety on site
  • Our expectations and your obligation while working on site

The induction must be completed PRIOR to arriving onsite and will need to be renewed every 2 years.

Please be aware that daily checks will be conducted to ensure compliance with these safety regulations.