Cairns Airport is committed to the provision and maintenance of infrastructure, activities and services free from discrimination of people with disabilities and their associates and aides.

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Cairns Access for All Directory

The Access for All Directory has a comprehensive list of accessible accommodation, services and facilities that we hope will make planning your trip to our region less stressful and your visit more enjoyable.

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Drop Off

Each terminal has drop-off/pick-up areas for people with a disability adjacent to the general drop-off/pick-up areas. These areas are only available to vehicles displaying a permit for a person with a disability, and drivers must follow the normal kerbside parking rules. Under government legislation, no vehicle is permitted to be left unattended at the kerbside outside the terminal. Drivers may assist passengers to disembark from the drop-off/pick up areas for people with a disability, however the vehicle must not be left unattended to assist passengers into the terminal. If the passenger requires assistance to the check-in area, the driver must park the vehicle in the public car park and then return to assist the passenger.

If the passenger cannot be left alone some forward planning will help. For example, some airlines are happy to provide assistance such as wheelchairs and baggage collection if this is pre-arranged. Alternatively, it may be advisable to bring an additional person with you to assist the passenger while you remain with the vehicle.

Drivers should note that there is a 2.4m height clearance at the drop-off/pick-up zones.


Accessible parking is available in the public car parks and is clearly sign posted. The accessible parking within the public car park is located at the nearest point to the terminal entrances. An appropriate and valid permit sticker is required to park in these spaces.


A number of check-in counters have been modified and lowered to allow easier access for people using a wheelchair.

The Disability Access Facilitation Plan for Cairns Airport also covers:

  • Security screening
  • Hearing loops
  • Restrooms
  • Aircraft access
  • Flight Information Displays

View the Cairns Airport Disability Facilitation Access Plan here.