Are we there yet? Cairns Airport launches fly international direct campaign

It’s the question every parent knows is inevitable when travel is involved.

“Are we there yet?”

Cairns Airport knows travel isn’t always glamorous, particularly with children in tow so it’s put itself in the shoes of every tired, irritable little traveller with the launch of its new Cairns Airport Fly International Direct campaign.

The campaign, produced by the local agency also responsible for the award-winning ‘Meet the Parkers’ campaign, Red Carrot, is spearheaded by two intrepid travellers also local to the Far North, Presley Raso, 6 and Layla Hennessy-Letinic, 7.

The advertisement features Presley, who hails from Atherton, and Layla, from Brinsmead, struggling to come to grips with the logic behind the need to fly south only to board another flight and fly north to an international destination.

Cairns Airport Chief Commercial Officer – Aviation Paul McLean said Presley and Layla perfectly captured the essence of a conversation that has likely been played out in the domestic departure terminal many times.

“Kids are invariably known for saying exactly what we’re all thinking and often they get right to the heart of the obvious with their straight-forward logic,” Mr McLean said.

“This campaign is aimed at encouraging our local community to check for direct before they book their next international travel.

“Cairns Airport is committed to providing more choice for our local community when travelling, with the flow-on effects promoting growth across our region.”

From Cairns Airport, locals can fly direct to airports in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Mr McLean said many passengers simply weren’t aware that direct flights to these destinations opened up connections to the rest of the world.

“And if we can save one parent from having to answer that little question – ‘are we there yet?’ – all the better!”

The Cairns Airport Fly International Direct campaign will initially launch across digital media and will then be coming to a television or cinema screen near you.

Watch the Campaign video here