Cairns Airport announces collaboration on climate change.

Cairns Airport is partnering with Climate Force, Cairns City Council and Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to bring innovative global thinking on actionable solutions to address climate change to the Far North.

 The airport announced it has invited community leaders Andy Ridley from Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef and Mayor Bob Manning to join the ClimateForce: Arctic 2019 expedition.

The 12 day “Leadership on the Edge’ expedition give participants the opportunity to witness first hand and learn about the impacts of climate change and gain exposure to sustainability leadership and join a network of leading companies in this space.

 The expedition is led by international climate change activists, father and son team Robert and Barney Swan. Robert Swan the first person to walk to both the north and south poles. He founded the 2041 Foundation ( that encourages participants to learn more about the implications of climate change, with a specific focus on CO2 reduction measures for individuals and organisations.

 Barney Swan is the International Director of ClimateForce and was raised off the grid in Far North Queensland where he developed a special interest in educating society and developing actionable solutions.

Cairns Airport Chief Executive Officer Norris Carter believes the initiative is a great opportunity to encourage our leaders to collaborate and bring global thinking back to the Far North Queensland environment.

 “Cairns Airport is committed to sustainable environmental outcomes both in its own business and across the region. The expedition is an excellent opportunity to bring leading ideas from other parts of the world to broaden our thinking.”

 Andy Ridley, Chief Executive Officer of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef said he looked forward to maximising this amazing opportunity.

 Mayor Bob Manning believes that the unique location of Cairns brings with it huge responsibility and says the Arctic, the Antarctic and the Great Barrier Reef are the most sensitive areas in the world. “To be representing one area and experiencing another in the company of leaders from all walks of life is an enormous opportunity.”