An airport can be a busy and stressful place, especially if you are unsure what to expect on the day. It is even more stressful when you or your travel companion has a disability that is not immediately obvious to airport staff – a hidden disability. Hidden Disabilities can include autism, anxiety, dementia, mental health conditions, visual impairments, deaf or hard of hearing.

We want to ensure that everyone’s journey through Cairns Airport is as seamless as possible, so we have implemented a program providing a way for you to pre-plan your journey or let our staff know you may need support.

Hidden Disability Lanyard

If you or someone you are travelling with has a hidden disability, you can request a hidden disability lanyard (see form below). Wearing a sunflower lanyard when you are at Cairns Airport is a discreet way for you to indicate to our team that you may need a little extra help, guidance or time with the airport processes. Our team have been trained to recognise the lanyard and provide the assistance and support you may need. Some of our Airport staff will also be wearing a Sunflower badge on their shirts or lanyards to help you feel a little more at ease.

Tips for using the hidden disabilities lanyard:

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed or have specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to approach an airport staff member for help or to make a request.
  • The lanyard does not provide a personal escort through the airport process. If you require this level of assistance or wheelchair assistance your airline is best placed to help you.
  • Hidden disability lanyards are free of charge and can be requested via the form below.
  • You can view and familiarise yourself with our terminal layout and maps here.

Written and Visual Social Stories

Visual Story Guides
We want all travellers at Cairns Airport to be as comfortable as possible, so we have created the below videos to help you prepare for your time at Cairns Airport.  It can help to navigate your journey through the Domestic terminal.

Written Story Guides
Written social story journeys for Domestic Departures and Arrivals have been designed to help you to understanding how an airport works and what to expect. The story can help you prepare for your journey. 

Written Story Guides Image

Can I use this lanyard at other Australian airports?

Yes, other Australian airports that support the Hidden Disabilities Program include:

Request a Lanyard Form

Please request a Hidden Disabilities information pack and lanyard by completing the form below at least 14 days prior to your date of travel to allow us time to post it to you. 

Should you have any general enquiries about the program, you may also email us at duty.manager@cairnsairport.com.au.

This program is in proud partnership with:

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