Waiting for family or friends to arrive?

The Standby Zone offers a safe and FREE waiting area for a maximum of 30 minutes. There's no longer a need to circle around the airport or park in incorrect places.

Standby Zone FAQs

Where is the Standby Zone located?
The map below shows the location of the new Standby Zone. When driving into Cairns Airport, simply follow the orange Standby Zone signs. 

Standby Zone image2

Whilst waiting at the Standby Zone, how can I monitor the flight arrival time of the person I am picking up?
Whilst safely waiting in your vehicle at the Standby Zone, you can use your mobile phone to keep an eye on the flight arrival time by viewing the flight schedules on the Cairns Airport Website here.

My friend has collected their luggage and is on their way out of the terminal, where do I pick them up from?
When your family or friend has collected their luggage and is walking out of the terminal ready to be picked up, you can make your way to the designated public pick up zone out the front of the T1 International or T2 Domestic Terminals to collect them.

What do I do if the Standby Zone is full?
If the Standby Zone is full, please make your way to the T2 Domestic Uncovered or T1 International Budget public car parks where Cairns Airport Parking offers the first 10 minutes free*. You can pre-book your parking online here.

Can I park at the Standby Zone?
The driver must remain in their vehicle at the Standby Zone at all times. Vehicles are not to be left unattended. You can wait at the Standby Zone for a maximum of 30 minutes.