Cairns Taxis

The only regulated taxi service for the Cairns Region and provide door to door passenger transport services throughout the Cairns taxi district. As well as the CBD, this covers the coastal area Ellis Beach to the north and south to Wrights Creek, Edmonton.

Taxi Ranks

Each terminal has its own sheltered taxi rank at the front of each terminal building, simply follow the signage in the terminal. You cannot pre-book for fares from the Terminals however taxis are always available and the rank is monitored 24/7 by the Cairns Taxis Booking call centre. There are free intercom call buttons at the start of each taxi rank which connect directly to the call centre should you require additional assistance.

The company operates a fleet of 137 government licensed taxi vehicles comprising sedans and station wagons for up to four passengers, maxi taxis for up to 10 passengers as well as wheel chair capable vehicles.

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Fares and Surcharges

Taxi fares vary based on distance, location and time of travel (including Public Holidays). Click here for the Cairns Taxis Fare Estimator.

For more information about taxis, phone 131 008 or visit

A taxi ground access charge applies at Cairns Airport for Pick Up and Drop Off. This fee contributes to providing better infrastructure at Cairns Airport, including taxi waiting areas, monitoring equipment and kerb front facilities.

Domestic Terminal

  • $2.50 per Drop Off
  • $2.50 per Pick Up

International Terminal

  • $5.00 per Pick Up

The charge is payable to the driver of the taxi and will be added to the meter at the commencement or end of the journey.

Lost something in a Taxi?

Always remember to get a receipt. The information it contains (such as taxi ID number and time of travel) is vital should you accidentally leave any items behind. 

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